Winter Tips to Cozy Your Home

We all want a home that is warm and inviting, cosy and comfortable. We want our homes to be appealing to the eye and the soul. Here are some of the universal ways of making your homes cosy, regardless of your style of interior décor.

  1. Lighting

The most important aspect of creating a cosy ambience is having good lighting in your room. Firstly, look at the lighting situation that you have, how many sources of lights are there in your room and where are they located. It is recommended to have lamps that emit warmth and welcoming feeling that can be placed at two opposite sides against a wall to balance the light being emitted in the room. Another good option is to have clusters of illumination on the walls. The most crucial part is selecting the light bulb you are going to use in your cosy and welcoming rooms.

Another way to set the mood is to use smart lighting. Although it is relatively expensive, it can set the mood the way you want. The colours and diming can be controlled as well with smart light bulbs.

Candles are another ultimate cosy addition to any room. Candles come in different scents which creates illumination as well as highlighting your olfactory receptors, welcoming you to the place. At times candles inside lanterns also look comforting and inviting.

  1. Plants, Flowers and Foliage

Plants and flowers bring life to space. Humans are naturally drawn to nature and plants are one of the living things that most of us can connect to. Having plants indoors can enhance the area with a fresh supply of oxygen during the day. Sometimes it can get high on maintenance and fresh plant and flowers can be pricy too. An alternative here could be using faux, try plastic instead of silk and some of them look extremely realistic and they last forever.

  1. Rugs and Textiles

The rooms that have laminate, tiles or hardwood flooring can get very chilly under the feet which is not warm or cosy but cold and uncomfortable. Adding rugs, specifically with full texture, is the best way to have additional warmth and insulation in your room. You can add rugs to the main rooms like family rooms or the sitting area and even hallways. Some people with pets cannot readily have rugs so try having cosy and soft slippers for yourself and your guests as well.

In your bathrooms, a flush-bath-mat should be considered for making it cosy and comforting as well.

On your sofas, consider piling down throw blankets and throw pillows on them, making sure your seating areas like beds, sofas and armchairs have welcoming textured pillows of different colours, patterns, textures and material. It is always great to have extra pillows stashed in baskets to the sides, to be accessible for guests to grab on and feel welcomed.

Using cosy textures for these materials that are soft and most importantly feels good against the skin. Chunky throw, knits and velvet blankets, cushy throw pillows, crushed linen are a few of so many that one enjoys touching.

Accessories and furniture can also provide warm feelings. Wood, caramel-coloured leather and warm brass accents are some common examples that create comforting textures.

  1. Drapes

In winter, cover your windows with thermal drapes or curtains. They will keep the heat in the room but they also add an extra layer of softness to your rooms.

  1. Artwork and Mirrors

Hang artwork and mirrors and avoid blank walls as they can be unwelcoming, as it is not cosy at all when one walks into a room that is empty with nothing on the walls. Use artwork as it brings personality to a room as well insulate walls prevents echo which is a sign for space. Mirrors can enlarge a space, but also used to bounce light around the room

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