Project builder versus custom builder

When one invests in making or buying their own house, it is usually one of the biggest and most important investments of a lifetime. Therefore, you need to select the right person and process to make and build your house.

Ruby Homes are ready to serve you with a tailored design that keeps your perspective, needs, desires, and requirements in mind. Unlike the project home builders who construct uniformly made houses every year and get most of the products in bulk for cheaper rates and expensive pricing. We, on the other hand, make sure we offer flexibility to our clients in every aspect.

Here is how we can serve you better by making your custom designed home and how we differ from the project home builder.

  1. The best advantage of having a custom design is to get to know the builder personally and explain to them what you need and how you want it incorporated in your house. It is the flexibility to choose, with exact specifications. Such discussions will generate ideas of both builder and buyer and the finished product is way beyond the expectations due to clear communication between the two. The project home builders neither have the time or the expertise to do so and your house will be one of the thousands they build every year with little or no changes possible.
  2. Ruby homes will provide a proper layout that you want. A layout that suits your needs. Altering the size of the room to get a bigger bathroom or a longer kitchen. The addition of a game room or even additions to your yard can be made if your house is custom made. Project home builders would minimalize these designs in a more standardized manner with little or no changes that can be made.
  3. All plan is laid out by our experts on paper, discussed and changed before putting it into action so there is a minimal cost of making any such changes, and these can be made while construction as the buyer can see the process, a change of mind can be addressed without incurring extra costs. Whereas, the costs and the restrictions of making any changes like adding a driveway, floor coverings, lights, and power points to the existing project houses could be extremely significant.
  4. We are flexible when it comes to time taken to get the house build. Although it is time-consuming work, there is no need to add additional cost to it with extra labor hours. We, at Ruby Homes, allow you to plan this ahead of time and if things and environment and weather conditions remain favorable, projects are almost always completed on time. The project homes that are built are often delayed as they are positioned after the others have been constructed. More approvals and delays can further delay them.

We are here to serve you tailored services and build a relationship of trust. Our experienced and qualified engineers and knowledgeable and skilled builders will guide you through the process with intricate details that would help you connect with your house as you built is yourself. All the costs we incur will be shared with you on a transparent level. Get connected with our family of trusted builders, who can easily communicate with all the relatable personals on your behalf, keeping your perspective in view. We are as involved as it is our own and we would love to serve you to suit your needs, minimizing the costs and the time taken to build it. With us, you will get your dream house.

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