Building House with Orientation

Every person dreams of living in a well-designed home, maximizing the utilization of the natural light and heat from the sun as it travels during the day, every day of the year. Along with that, it maximizes the potential of the site for good ventilation, keeping your homes warm or cool to suit the climate.  A good orientation of a house in Sydney provides the best home orientation to minimize the cost of living that is spent mostly in heating our homes in winters and cooling them down in summers.

Ruby Homes can build a dream house for you that gives you the perfect orientation to incorporate the free solar energy, designed particularly for your climatic and regional conditions particularly for Sydney, to give your house proper ventilation maximizing its potential for passive heating and passive cooling.

As most home builders are focused to keep the private open space and the indoor living area together, it is best if it is oriented towards the north. The home design that Ruby Homes create are well structured, considering the sun’s angle positioning and path, wind patterns, and how it changes during the year as well as providing the use of proper glass windows with appropriate size and shading with proper eaves. Hence, they increase energy efficiency, making your home more comfortable with a significantly reduced cost of living.

Here is how we do it! Our homes are built with the backyard of the outdoors and the living room of the indoor are aligned together, and most importantly, they are facing north. The sun rises in the East and during the summers, it is aligned at a higher angle. No one needs extra heat in their homes, but the daylight is priceless, and here is where we step in to give you the best home orientation not just for one season but for the whole year.

The large North facing windows tend to capture the natural light creating a warm and spacious day time living areas, as making the best use of the sun position. With appropriate eaves shading on the windows, the direct sunlight does not enter the home keeping it cooler, yet still opening it up to abundant reflected daylight, making your homes more energy efficient.

On the contrary, in winters, the sun goes around at a lower angle, giving the dwellers the advantage of direct sunlight and heat to fall into their homes warming it up. Hence, you do not need to turn on heaters as the lower angle of the sun brings the free heat and natural light into your homes having a north orientation. Our floor is also designed to trap the sun’s heat and emit it later when the night falls in and the temperature begins to fall.

Ruby homes are designed to give you the light and heat in winters when you need it and cutting the glare and unwanted heat in the summers as you want to avoid it. It is structured on reducing or even eliminating the need for simulated heating or cooling, resulting in a significant reduction in energy bills, minimizing greenhouse gas reduction as well as providing you with maximum comfort in the luxury of your own home.

We make sure that all our homes are properly well-oriented even if they run east-west or west-east. We are determined to provide you with advantages and benefits over most of the year. We incorporate materials that suit the climate. Lightweight construction materials are used specifically when walls are constantly exposed to the summer sun. Our homes are designed to capture cool breezes by large windows to allow maximum light to enter with eaves to block the direct and harsh rays of the sun.

We are here to provide you with houses with the best orientation that are more energy-efficient all year round, comfortable to live in, and are cheaper to live in by cutting down energy bills of heating and cooling.

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